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Welcome to 'Radical Radio with Robby Dawkins,' the video podcast that boldly challenges the status quo and delves deep into the heart of living a Radical life for Jesus! Join renowned speaker, equipper and author of internationally best selling book “Do What Jesus Did”, Robby Dawkins, as he shares inspiring stories and conversations of individuals who have undergone radical transformations, breaking free from modern Christian norms. Nothing is off limits as we discuss even some of the most taboo topics in the church so Tune in, buckle up, and Get ready for thought-provoking conversations and discussions that challenge your perspective and empower you to live a radical life for Jesus. 


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Meet Robby


Robby is an international best-selling author, evangelist and passionate church equipper in the U.S. and in 70+ countries.

During Robby’s 30 years in pastoral ministry, he planted a church in Aurora, a high-risk city in Illinois with elevated crime rates and gang activity. 80 percent of church members came to Christ at his church, and 60 percent of those members through power encounters (prophetic, healing, deliverance, or ministry of God’s manifest presence). The mayor of Aurora along with its chief of police bestowed upon Robby and the Church an acknowledgement that he and the church made a significant difference in Aurora’s crime rate reduction. Robby often credits his time pastoring in Aurora as preparation for his ministry in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

In 2019, Robby began planting power evangelism schools in the underground church in the Middle East in countries like Pakistan, Armenia, and Iraq. His heart is to raise up underground leaders to transform the most dangerous countries on Earth with the gospel.


Robby has authored three books, including his international best-seller ‘Do What Jesus Did’. He has also been featured in Darren Wilson’s documentaries, Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural”, TBN’s “Praise the Lord”, as well as many others. 

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Radical Radio is sponsored by Robby Dawkins Ministry, meaning, all content we create is being solely funded by faithful donors like YOU!

In becoming a monthly partner, you are putting gas on the fire of everything we do in our ministry in the United States, Middle East, and around the world.

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Sean, YouTube

"This discussion is saving my life!...This is God putting it right in front of me clear and direct answer to my prayer for clarity and wisdom."

Peggy, YouTube

"This gives me the encouragement that I needed to become more like Jesus and to get up and fight  to pass the gospel onto the next generations of young ones who have never heard about Jesus."

Jenny, YouTube

"This is the best Podcast information out there. Robby has a gift of teaching and equipping."
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